We perform foundation work and groundworks for buildings, bridges, ports, docks, and residential houses. In our own factories, we manufacture piles and brackets tailored to your project.

It is important to be able to maintain quality throughout the foundation project. Therefore, we have created a business where the most important resources are owned and controlled by us. No external intermediaries may interfere with our planning.

Our geotechnicians and designers develop the optimal foundation construction. You can also turn to us if you already have a solution and need our help carrying it out.

Available all over the world

Skanska's foundation departments are located all over the world. In order to make the most of our expertise, we collaborate in our network Skanska Foundations Group. Together, we have one of the world's largest machine parks for groundworks and share experience in the various groundworks methods available worldwide.

Prepared for the unexpected

Our business is structured to take care of the unforeseen that arises in a foundation project. We have extensive experience, skilled technicians, committed staff and not least great geotechnical competence. When we are involved in the project early on, we come up with the best solution together with you.

Structure brings success

When you hire us, you will receive a clear plan for how the project will proceed:

  • Geotechnical investigation

    We start with a geotechnical investigation of the site. Based on the investigation, we design the structure and assess which methods and workflow are best suited for your project.
  • Estimation and risk assessment

    Based on the previous step, we create a cost estimate, conduct a risk assessment, and submit a bid. After you evaluate our bid and make a final selection of the technical solution, we initiate the work. Throughout the execution, our focus is on safety, planning, managing unforeseen circumstances, keeping you informed, and ensuring quality.
  • Quality inspection

    When the work is completed, we always inspect the quality of what we have done, both for temporary and permanent structures. If everything looks good, and you are satisfied, we proceed with project handover.

This is what you get when you choose piles from Skanska

  • EDP rated piles
  • Competence and enthusiasm to find solutions that benefit the project
  • Assistance with the right choice of piles through our geotechnical engineers and designers in Skanska Teknik
  • The correct and high quality of Swedish-made joints and rock shoes
  • Properly reinforced piles with the right concrete quality
  • A factory with a high level of environmental awareness
  • Cost-effective piles that last
Last updated: 10/12/2023