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+46 20-30 30 40

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+46 10-448 88 99

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Company information

Skanska Sverige AB
Organization number: 556033-9086
VAT number: SE663000022901

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Invoicing address

For Skanska Sverige AB and another Skanska company:

190 87 Rosersberg

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Skanska head office

Entré Lindhagen
Warfvinges väg 25
112 74 Stockholm
Visiting address
Warfvinges väg 25
112 74 Stockholm
Opening hours

Monday - Friday 07.30-17.00

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How to report a concern

We encourage everyone to speak up if they suspect a violation of our Code of Conduct. Employees, suppliers and clients can report a concern. It helps us to make Skanska a better workplace for everyone.

How to report to the Skanska Code of Conduct Hotline