Work safely or Not at All

Our goal is to create safe and healthy workplaces where everyone thrives and can perform at their best. To get there, structures and systems are needed together with a culture where we care about each other.

Skanska’s Health and Safety Policy is the foundation for our work to reach safe and healthy workplaces. We assume that all accidents and all illness can be prevented and our work with Health and Safety is a natural part of the daily work.

What you, as a supplier, needs to know about health and safety

As a supplier, here you can access important information about rules and guidelines that apply when working at one of Skanska's workplaces.

Skanska Sweden's Health and Safety Requirements for suppliers

Skanska's General Health and Safety Requirements for Suppliers describes the requirements Skanska imposes on you as an employer and contractor to Skanska. For example, they summarize what applies regarding roles and responsibilities, risk management, protective equipment and protective devices, and how to act in case of incidents.

The General Health and Safety Requirements are complemented with Specific Skanska Health and Safety Requirements that apply to selected high risk areas, for example lifting operations, fire prevention, working at height and loading, unloading and handling goods.

Skanska Sweden's General Conduct and Safety Rules

At Skanska's workplaces, our General Conduct and Safety Rules apply. As a supplier, you must ensure that both your own employees and your subcontractors are informed about them. The requirements also apply to temporary visits such as meetings, reception or delivery of goods.

All documents describing our health and safety requirements can be found here

Collaboration on work environment issues

Good collaboration is a prerequisite for safe and healthy workplaces. We want everyone at our workplaces to be involved in planning and preparation of works. We value everyone’s knowledge and experience. We assume that everyone at our workplaces acts according to Skanska's values. Together we can create a healthy and safe working environment.

Workplace Introduction

Skanska’s  Workplace Introduction consists of Safe Construction Training (The Swedish Construction Federation’s  safety training) and Skanska’s digital workplace introduction. The introduction is compulsory for everyone who will carry out work at one of Skanska’s construction sites and production facilities and must be completed before arrival at the workplace. Read more at Before arrival at the workplace
Before arrival at the workplace.

Last updated: 2/24/2023