In addition to the Swedish Tax Agency's requirement for an invoice, Skanska has its own requirements for the invoice to be managed in our system. These requirements must be fulfilled in order for the invoice to be handled and paid.

Invoice requirements (PDF)  
Skanska corporations in Sweden (PDF) (to find the right purchasing company)

How to send invoices to Skanska

We want our suppliers to get paid in time and safely. E-invoicing is a safer and faster way to handle invoices while caring about the environment. You have a few alternatives when you send your invoices electronically to Skanska.

E-invoice via file

Are you a recurring supplier and have a business system that is customized for electronic invoicing? Then EDI invoicing (e-invoice via file) is probably the best solution.

BEAst Portal

BEAst Portal is an industry-wide, free invoicing service available online. Web invoicing is aimed at suppliers with a lower invoice volume to Skanska (less than 50 invoices per year). It is also the right alternative for suppliers who do not have a business system customized for electronic invoicing and who want to get started with e-invoicing quickly and free of charge.

Invoice via email – PDF/TIF

Email the invoice to Contact

Email scanning is available for the follow companies:
Skanska Sweden AB - 0022
Skanska Industrial Solutions AB - 3793
Skanska Rental AB - 37475

If the invoice or subject line are incorrect, the invoice will be returned. In the email, the subject line must look as follows:


for example: SG;0022;2019-05-02-85468



Note: only one pdf file/tif file per invoice.

Read more about how to send invoices to Skanska


Skanska uses electronic tools to place orders with suppliers. To order or confirm purchases, Skanska sends the order through our purchasing system. As a supplier, you manage your order via the Supplier Portal.

Company information

Skanska Sverige AB
Organization number: 556033-9086
VAT number: SE663000022901

Other Skanska companies are listed below.

Invoicing address

Skanska Sweden AB or another Skanska company
Box 54
233 22 Svedala

Invoicing to Skanska AB is addressed to:
Box 14
233 21 Svedala

Last updated: 4/12/2021