For suppliers

We want to create a sustainable and secured supplier base. Skanska’s values and sustainability areas guide us and our suppliers in everything we do. Together we are thinking ahead to achieve our goals.

How we choose suppliers

All our suppliers need to meet both legal requirements and basic Skanska requirements. In order to become a supplier to Skanska you need to be prequalified. You also need to to hold an approved tax status and credit assessment.

Information about how to become prequalified

Together we improve

We want to create a partnership that promotes continuous improvement. Through follow-ups, Skanska initiates joint improvement measures together with the supplier. This helps our performance to constantly evolve.

Performance improves chances to new projects

At Skanska we transfer knowledge between the projects and pay attention to how the suppliers perform. When a supplier has completed its assignment, the project management can do an evaluation. This enables new projects to choose suppliers that we know have performed well in previous collaborations with Skanska.

Last updated: 1/24/2023