Welcome to the Supplier Portal

Skanska Supplier Portal is only accessible for current suppliers to Skanska. If you want to be a supplier to Skanska, please contact one of our projects. The Supplier Portal is used for pre-qualification and order management.


The purpose of the pre-qualification is to make it easier for Skanska to make a sustainable and secure choice of supplier, based on legal requirements, basic industry requirements and essential Skanska requirements.

The pre-qualification is a self-assessment form that is completed by you as a supplier. In order to be pre-qualified and thus searchable as a supplier in our projects, you need:

  • Approved pre-qualification
  • Approved tax status
  • Approved credit assessment


Skanska uses electronic tools to send inquiries and place orders to our suppliers. To confirm purchases, we send orders through our procurement system.

An order can be conveyed in the following way:

  • Via integration
  • Via e-mail with a link to Skanska's supplier portal
  • Via e-mail with an attached pdf

Regardless of how the words are conveyed and how you choose to respond, we want a response within 24 hours.


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Last updated: 9/5/2023