Successful construction projects are created through participation and shared goals. We construct everything from large hospitals and public facilities to residential buildings and hotels. We are present in most parts of the country and have substantial experience.

Residential housing

Residential development is about creating neighborhoods and homes where people want to spend their lives. We build many types of housing: condominiums, rental apartments, and single-family homes. From challenging architectural solutions to prefabricated houses. We have extensive experience in residential construction, and offer cost-effective and sustainable projects. Additionally, we offer renovations of older homes and Million Programme housing (Miljonprogrammet).


Taking responsibility for future generations, and considering both people and the environment, are important factors when we build the hospitals of the future. A hospital is a unique and complex building with advanced technology and various healthcare flows. Many hospital projects are carried out while the facility is still in operation, and we know that even minimal disruptions can have significant consequences.

Through our collective experience, we create modern, flexible, and sustainable solutions. We prioritize safety for everyone at the workplace, as well as healthcare professionals and patients nearby.

Schools and educational facilities

When a residential area grows, more schools, preschools and other educational facilities are needed. We develop and build school environments that inspire children, students and staff. We also like to create a school that other parts of society can use. The sports hall, dining hall, craft rooms and school yard are built so that they can be used by the public and associations after the end of the school day.

Police and law enforcement

Building police stations and courthouses places special demands on accessibility, quality and safety. The buildings must also blend into the cityscape. The law enforcement authorities have an important function in our society. We build everything from police stations and prisons to courthouses. Our long experience is valuable for these special operations. We work closely with our clients to design buildings that will meet both today's and tomorrow's needs.

Care and nursing homes

With an aging population, more care and nursing homes are needed in Sweden. We know how to create a stimulating and pleasant environment, and help our clients to find innovative solutions that provide a safe environment for the elderly and people with disabilities. We develop these solutions in collaboration with care and nursing operators.


As regions grow and develop, the hotel industry needs to keep up. Skanska has extensive experience in building hotels, both in Sweden and abroad. We build both on commission and on our own initiative, working in collaboration with hotel operators to create sustainable and inviting hotels. Our goal is to provide all the comfort and convenience that today's and tomorrow's hotel guests expect.

Office buildings

Our innovative and sustainable office buildings offer creative work environments for tenants. Skanska is number one in the office market, and we know how to design an office property to best serve the client. A new office provides a company with the opportunity to create an environment that reflects its brand. With modern and energy-efficient spaces, businesses can increase their efficiency while reducing sick leave and enabling flexibility in response to future demands.

Warehousing, commerce, and logistics

When it comes to warehousing, commerce, and logistics, location is crucial. We assist in creating projects that prioritize both location and people. Skanska develops sustainable and innovative spaces with creative environments where tenants can thrive and generate growth. We also contribute to positive and sustainable urban development.

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