Digital training sessions for suppliers

We expect everyone who works at Skanska’s workplaces to contribute to a safe and healthy work environment. In order to create safe workplaces, we provide digital training sessions that give our suppliers an introduction to some of our safe work methods.

How it works

All training sessions can be carried out individually or as a group. For the courses that contain a knowledge test, the following applies:

  • If you attend the education by yourself, you take the final test digitally. After passing the test you can print a certificate and show it to Skanska's production management.
  • If you attend the training in a group, the responsible manager prepares the final test by printing the questions and distributing them to the participants. There is a link on the starting page of the training course.
  • Once a participant passes the test, the responsible manager prints a certificate showing the name of the training session, date, company name and the participant's name. The certificate is then submitted to Skanska's production management.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Skanska strives to achieve mutually beneficial supplier relationships built on common values and expected behaviors. The Skanska Code of Conduct (our Code) outlines the behaviors we expect from our
employees. This Skanska Supplier Code of Conduct (our Supplier Code) contains relevant portions of our Code that apply to you as an important part of our supply chain. We encourage our suppliers to engage in constructive dialogue with us regarding our Supplier Code and doing business together.

The training consists of three different parts. We recommend that you go through them in order. The last part, a simple test, is not available until you have concluded the previous parts.

Safe Construction Training

The construction industry's web-based and free safety education is the entire industry's induction. It is from the 1st of July 2021 a mandatory requirement for working at construction sites in Sweden. The training has been developed by The Swedish Construction Federation in collaboration with small as well as large construction and civil engineering companies. From 1 July 2021, the education must also be registered in the ID06 competence database.

Several benefits of industry-wide safety training;

  • An industry standard with a common view on safety issues.
  • A common minimum acceptable level of knowledge to be active on Swedish construction sites.
  • Increased clarity and simplification for suppliers and the industry's smaller players.

Lifting Operations

This training gives you an introduction to Skanska's safe working method for lifting operations. The work method applies to everyone who is involved in any way in lifting at Skanska's workplaces. It describes how our lifting operations should be planned and performed. The work method is based on the Swedish Work Environment Act, the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, Skanska's global working environment standard and learnings from various events.

By following Skanska's work method for lifting operations, you contribute to making the lifting as efficient and safe as possible: for yourself, for your coworkers and for your surroundings. The education contains the different stages of the work method for lifting operations. It focuses on planning, roles, tasks and categorizing lifts.

Safe excavation and trenching

At Skanska, excavation and trenching jobs must always be carried out with an efficient preparation and execution process in order to ensure high safety and productivity. This digital education will inform you about Skanska's safe work method for excavation and trenching. It applies to everyone excavation and trenching at our workplaces.

The work method is based on the Swedish Work Environment Act, the industry document “Schakta säkert” and learnings from various events. By following Skanska's working method for safe excavation and trenching, you contribute to making excavation and trenching as efficient and safe as possible: for yourself, for your coworkers and for your surroundings. The training is mandatory for everyone who performs excavation and trenching work at Skanska’s workplaces.


Our safe work method for vibrations contains several different aids that describe how the work with vibrations should be planned, executed and followed up so that we can protect ourselves. This training is a good introduction to the subject. Preferably you watch and discuss the film as a group.


In the construction industry, injuries and accidents are often caused by ergonomically poor conditions. This film increases your awareness and knowledge of ergonomics and how to work preventively for a sustainable working life.

Last updated: 1/27/2023