Skanska is one of the world's leading construction companies when it comes to building houses and infrastructure. Our ambition is to create, lead, and manage profitable construction projects in a sustainable way, together with our clients.

For Sweden to develop and thrive, modern hospitals, bridges, schools, transportation systems, and other essential infrastructure are needed. We contribute to improving society by utilizing Skanska's collective expertise and resources.

Close collaboration

Working with Skanska means that you gain access to the expertise and experience we have accumulated over the years. We like working closely with our clients, and believe in an unpretentious collaboration. By working with flexible business models, we always find the solution that is best suited for the project.

Our ambition is to become involved in the project as early as possible. This way we can provide smart solutions for construction processes, materials, and technology. A solution that is better for the environment can also result in a lower total cost.