Culture is a team effort

People are at the heart of our business. Every day we work to improve our society, and everything we build, we build for future generations.

A good corporate culture is built through common attitudes and behaviors. Customers and employees place high demands on our values. Our corporate culture plays an important role in this.

At Skanska, we value all our employees’ differences because this makes us perform better. We encourage responsibility, curiosity and learning. With sustainability in focus, we strive to find new and innovative methods. We become even better when we create great solutions together.

Our values

Skanska's values are central to everything we do. They help us build a positive and inclusive culture that enables us reach our goals. An important focus is to promote sustainable and pleasant workplaces where everyone can contribute, develop and learn from each other.

Care for life

We care about people and the environment. We work safely, or not at all. We always react if we see someone acting risky. We promote health and well-being.

Act ethically and transparently

We do business with a high level of integrity and transparency. We live by our code of conduct and accept no shortcuts.

Be better together

We strive to constantly get better at what we do. We are a learning organization and are happy to share our knowledge.

Commit to customers

We help our clients achieve success and transform their visions into reality. We strive to understand not only the needs of our clients, but also the needs of their customers.

Learning in everyday life

Coming up with new ideas is an important part of our everyday life. We believe in exchange of skills regardless of where you work at Skanska. Different competences working together is the key to innovative solutions. Knowledge and solidarity lead to success.

Skanska offers you the opportunity to grow and develop through challenges.

Grow with us

Success is built on strong values

What makes us such a successful company is the fact that our people share our strong values. It is our commitment to our values that builds trust in our employees, partners and clients.

Our Code of Conduct defines how we should behave when we interact with each other, our clients and the communities in which we operate.

Skanska's Code of Conduct (PDF)

Get to know us better

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