Before arrival at the workplace

We want our workplaces to be safe and healthy, so that everyone who works at and for Skanska will thrive. We also want our workplaces to be well organized so that you have opportunity to focus on the work to be done. For you to get a good start and be in a position to understand what is expected of you, there are a few things that need to be in place before arriving at the workplace.

Healthy competition and increased security through ID06

Everyone working at Skanska's workplaces must wear ID06 cards where they can be seen and follow ID06 rules. The purpose is to make it difficult for unauthorised persons to be at the construction site. In this way, we can create safer and more secure workplaces, strengthen healthy competition and prevent undeclared work and financial crime.

The new ID06 system has been developed as a better way of minimising the possibility of undeclared work and unhealthy competition and to make it harder to cheat with the cards. In order to start using the new ID06 cards, the company's CEO, card orderer and employees need to identify themselves with BankID in the system, which connects companies, owners and individuals and reduces the risk of false cards. There will also be the possibility for companies to require a pin code, when entering our construction sites for example, which increases control of who is there.

The new ID06 system feature a new, secure card standard for both physical and mobile ID06 cards. The mobile ID06 card is also a very good complement that will solve a lot of the problems that arise when individuals forget, lose or have not had time to get their new card.

Find out more about connecting your company to ID06 and ordering ID06 cards.

Digital training and workplace introduction

To ensure that everyone who works at a Skanska workplace receives the same introduction and has a common minimum level of knowledge, during 2019 Skanska is introducing a new procedure for introduction to our workplaces. Everyone must therefore complete Skanska's workplace introduction and the construction industry's safety training before arriving at the workplace.

Introduction to Skanskas workplaces

  1. The safety construction training

    This ensures that everyone has a common basic understanding of the most common risks, as well as knowledge of how they are handled safely.

    Parts of the training can be carried out in a group but the knowledge test needs to be carried out individually. More information about group implementation is available when you log in to the training under the heading "Do you want to take the training in a group?"

    You will find The safe construction training here

  2. Skanska's workplace introduction

    Part 1. Values, General conduct, Health & Safety rules
    Here the focus is on our values, General conduct, Health & Safety rules, how to act in an emergency and the "care about" culture we strive for.
    Part 1 has a validity period of 1 year.

    Part 2. Your new workplace
    This is workplace specific and contains facts about the workplace and information about the most important things you need to know in order to stay safe in the workplace, such as work in progress, particular risks, current risks.
    Part 2 is to be completed before each new workplace you will be working on.

    You will find Skanska's workplace introduction here

Go through with Skanska's workplace introduction

The basic principle is that Skanska's workplace introduction is to be done individually. However, during a transitional period, it is possible to go through with Skanska's workplace introduction in a group. This is a temporary solution until the introduction is translated into more languages and a speech synthesiser is integrated.

How to complete the introduction:

  1. Register.
  2. Take part 1 and confirm that you have read and understood Skanska Sweden's values, General conduct, Health and Safety rules. You confirm that you will follow them so that the workplace is safe and healthy for everyone who works there.3.
  3. Part 2 - Your new workplace becomes available after confirmation of part 1. Search for the workplace where you are going to work; you get the workplace name from your contact at the workplace.
  4. Acknowledge that you have received and understood the content. You will follow the workplace rules so that the workplace is safe and healthy for everyone who works there.
  5. When you arrive at the workplace they will check that the introduction has been completed and that you understand both Skanska's values, General conduct and safety rules and also what applies in the specific workplace.

If you prefer to do the introduction in a group, this must be done by agreement with the workplace management. Each participant must acknowledge that they have taken part and understood the different parts of the introduction. This is done with the form Acknowledgement of group implementation of workplace introduction. The acknowledgements are handed over to the workplace management on registration on the first day at the workplace.

Last updated: 1/14/2020