Skanska wants to bring people closer together and create a smoother everyday life. We do this by building roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, plants and facilities in a sustainable way.

Power and energy

Urbanization and population growth create new needs for energy solutions. Skanska builds everything from hydropower plants to transformer stations, as well as all types of existing underground lines. We work with everything from planning to completed installations.

Land preparation

A new industrial or residential area needs high-quality land preparation. In order to convert undeveloped land into buildable land, streets and utilities need to be constructed and site preparation needs to be conducted. Skanska has a long tradition of developing raw land in collaboration with municipalities and landowners. This includes planning and design as well as the execution of land preparation. Once this phase is completed, work on individual plots of land can begin, such as building houses.

Quays and ports

Skanska has been working with quays and ports for over a century. Whether we are building large port facilities, small quays, or adjacent logistics areas, specialized expertise in design, planning and production technology is required.

Complex ground conditions, marine work, and challenging logistics are some of the challenges that our dedicated employees can assist with.

Tunneling and underground works

Underground works pose challenges that require competence and experience. We have been working on tunnels and underground projects for over a century. Whether we are building railway tunnels, depots, or underground parking garages, it requires specialized expertise in design, planning and production technology. Complex ground conditions or tricky logistics present exciting challenges for our dedicated employees. All our underground projects meet high standards in terms of safety and the environment.

Water and wastewater treatment

Society cannot function without water and sewage systems. It is of the utmost importance that both new and existing systems are developed. The need to renovate and expand water and sewage infrastructure is significant and requires long-term solutions. Skanska has extensive experience in developing these systems in collaboration with municipalities and landowners.

One of the major challenges posed by climate change is the sustainable and cost-effective treatment and delay of stormwater.

Roads, rails and bridges

Sweden's growth is dependent on a functioning transportation system. We contribute by building roads, railways, and bridges in a sustainable and efficient manner. Our technical experts and geotechnical engineers collaborate with local employees, resulting in innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to regional conditions.

We have extensive experience with railways, highways, 2+1 roads, rest areas, arch bridges, suspension bridges, smaller roads, bicycle bridges, and walkways.

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