Work abroad

Skanska has been an international company since 1897. As an employee with us, you have the opportunity to work abroad.

Skanska Unlimited

Discover the world of Skanska through our exciting exchange program. Skanska Unlimited is a great opportunity to work in another business unit or function, either in your home country or internationally, for three to six months. Grow with us and learn from your experiences from other parts of the world.

Skanska Stretch

Skanska Stretch is a global leadership program for our top talents at the start of their careers. The aim is to strengthen individuals in their development as leaders, and to create the right conditions to take on leadership roles internationally. Stretch gives the organization the opportunity to build an internal talent pool of future leaders with global leadership capabilities.

Apply for a job abroad

We are active in many countries in Europe and in the USA. Apply for a job in another country and gain experiences for life. When you get homesick, you pack your new experiences in your bag and bring them home to Sweden.

Apply for our international jobs
Last updated: 5/2/2023