Skanska Direkt

Skanska Direkt carries out renovations, new constructions, and energy measures throughout the country. We work locally and closely with our clients.

With construction services from Skanska Direkt, you get the commitment of a small company with local expertise and a personal contact. You also get the benefits of a large company when it comes to purchasing, working environment, safety and strict ethical requirements.

Many of Skanska Direkt's clients have framework agreements, where we continuously carry out small and large assignments. Others choose to procure us for individual projects. Our clients are both in the private and public sector.


Adapting premises for new businesses is one of our specialties. An example is hospitals that need to rebuild premises to be able to handle new technology or new equipment. We also work with replacing roofs or pipes in residential buildings, something that often means a big impact on the residents. Therefore, we work with efficient processes and innovative working methods that shorten the time for the project.

New construction

Through long experience from large projects around Sweden, we have created an extensive knowledge base regarding new construction. We work with everything from new preschools and sports halls to expanding warehouses and offices. Our long experience with large and complex projects also gives us unique access to specialist expertise if the project faces challenges.

Energy measures

An important part of Sweden's sustainability work is to update the existing property portfolio so that it meets tomorrow's requirements. Skanska Direkt implements measures and functions that reduce energy use in your property. We can help with changing facades and windows, updating ventilation systems to solutions that take care of the heat in the exhaust air, or installing solar cells on the roofs. Our long experience in the field means that we can help you at an early stage with finding new solutions that suit your property.