Frequently asked questions

What is a code string?

A code string is Skanska's invoice reference which is a 3-position combination consisting of numbers as follows: (5-6 digits) - (1-15 characters) - (4-5 digits) separated by hyphens, eg 123456-1-5001.

Why is my invoice returned or rejected?

If the invoice does not meet Skanska's requirements for information and labeling, the invoice cannot be handled and will be returned or rejected. It is the supplier's responsibility to correct and submit a new invoice.

Common reasons for return or rejection are:

  • Invoice reference is missing
  • The stated invoice reference goes to another Skanska company than the invoice is addressed to
  • Information about reverse tax liability is missing
  • Payment account is missing
  • Organization number is missing

How am I informed that my invoice is rejected or returned?

  • EDI invoices – error message (error return mail) and returns are sent to the email address you have entered in your Transaction order, the document that was filled in when setting up EDI invoicing.
  • Web invoice via BEAst – returns are sent to the email address you have registered in the portal.
  • Paper invoices – returns are sent to the email address on the invoice. If we do not have an e-mail address, the invoice is returned by post.

How do I change my error return address for EDI invoices?

If you wish to change your mail addresses for error return mail, update your Transaction Order and submit in word format to Contact. Write "update of error return mail" in the subject line.

How do I change my information in BEAst?

For updating information in BEAst see the portal's user manual on this page.

When is my invoice paid?

The invoice is paid 30 days after the invoice date unless otherwise agreed.

I want to send electronic invoices to Skanska. What is your GLN number?

To obtain Skanska's GLN number, you need to register for connection to EDI invoicing. This applies to suppliers who send over 50 invoices per year.

Learn more about EDI invoicing
Guide E-invoice (In Swedish)

How do I email my invoice to Skanska?

Email the invoice to: Contact

Skanska does not count an emailed pdf file/tif file as an electronic invoice, as it is processed in the same way as paper invoices.

Only one pdf file/tif file per invoice and email. Any related documents, time reports, and other materials associated with the invoice should be scanned together with the invoice itself in the PDF file attached to the email.

Last updated: 9/6/2023