New Karolinska Solna


The project in figures

The construction of New Karolinska Solna is Skanska’s largest project ever and this is apparent in many ways – in the work force, consumption of materials, construction trailers, contract value and so forth. We have compiled figures that detail the scope of the project.

  • 7,174,500 meters of iron reinforcing bar is being used to build New Karolinska Solna, which approximately corresponds to the distance between Stockholm and Chicago.
  • 444,000 square meters of earth and rock are being excavated; the equivalent of 1,480,000 bathtubs.
  • 8,000 doors will be mounted in the new hospital.
  • the construction trailers onsite have a capacity of 1,800 people, which is a record for Sweden.
  • 1,300 meters: the combined length of the underpass system
  • 1,400 people are working on the New Karolinska Solna project
  • 300 computers are being used for the project.
  • The construction trailers have 200 microwave ovens. 
  • 30 kilometers: the combined length of the drilling holes in the geothermal heating facility.
  • 32 nationalities are currently working on the project.
  • SEK 14.5 billion: the project’s contract value.
  • 8.5 Olympic swimming pools could be filled with the amount of construction cement being used.


The figures are from July 2013.

The schedule stipulates 16 years from concept to completed hospital. The actual construction was initiated in 2010 and the entire hospital is scheduled to be fully commissioned by 2017. We have compiled the project’s key milestones below.


The concept of a new university hospital was initiated in the County Council. A number of evaluations ensued in the years to come.

A decision was made to advance planning of a new university hospital and a design contest was announced.

The design competition was decided – a jury named the proposal from White architects as the winning contribution.

The winning contribution was developed and preparatory work commenced.

In April, a decision was made to construct New Karolinska Solna and in June it was decided that PPP (public-private-partnership) would be used as the financing model. Read more about PPP.

The tendering process began in March 2009.

On May 4, the County Council decided that a consortium including Skanska and the UK company Innisfree will be tasked with financing, constructing and operating the new hospital.

On September 3, Crown Princess Victoria breaks ground (in the form of a controlled blast) at a ceremony on the construction site.

Construction is fully under way and the foundation is established for the new hospital buildings. Sweden’s largest construction trailer site is officially opened.

In January, a public exhibition is opened at the Karolinska Hospital, presenting the future university hospital.

The parking garage will be the first building that is completed in the area.

The technical building will be completed.

The hospital building, hotel and research building will be finished and the first patients will arrive at New Karolinska Solna.

The new hospital will be completed and fully operational. Service positions will be managed by Coor Service Management.