Lilla Bommen

Sustainability and green

Lilla Bommen was initiated by the City of Gothenburg back in 1983. The original concept was to create employment and stimulate development in the Gothenburg region. Construction did not commence until 1987 due to various decisions and rounds of referral.

When construction work eventually got under way, the construction industry was booming and, while employment was not the problem that needed solving any more, the project did contribute to the development and belief in the future of the region.

Lilla Bommen restored the connection between the city and the water, which was one of the fundamental aims of the project.

Architect Ralph Erskine had ideas for the entire area surrounding Lilla Bommen and wanted it to be a place for all who lived in Gothenburg. He had plans for residential housing, shopping streets and a music theater. A number of these visions have been realized, such as the Gothenburg Opera, which Skanska subsequently built.

The majority of areas that are not used as offices are open to the public and a glass lookout dome at the top of the building provides a spectacular view over Gothenburg.