Gröna skrapan

Sustainability and green

For in-depth information on sustainability aspects of this project, please view the related Sustainability case study in PDF.

Office buildings account for 40 percent of society’s energy consumption. The energy consumption of Skanska’s Gröna Skrapan is 25-percent lower than the National Board of Building, Planning and Housing’s standards for new builds and a full 60-percent lower than office buildings constructed in the 1970s.

Gröna Skrapan is the first office building in the Nordic Region to be pre-certified to the highest level, Platinum, in accordance with the international LEED environmental rating system. The building is also classed as an EU GreenBuilding, signifying that the building is energy efficient.

Each employee working at Gröna Skrapan saves the same amount of energy used by a person in the form of household electricity over the course of a year. This is good for the environment and yields lower operational costs.

Skanska worked with a number of measures to reduce the building’s environmental footprint. By utilizing heat and not cooling unnecessarily, we achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption. An airtight and well-insulated climate envelope, energy-efficient ventilation and integrated solar protection in the windows helped us to achieve this.

Electricity is generated by local wind power, a green roof delays the flow of rainwater and the building is fitted with water-saving taps and toilets and motion-activated lighting. All work stations have natural daylight, thus reducing the lighting requirement.

The building features state-of-the-art technological solutions and video conferencing facilities enable meetings to be held without the need to travel. There is also an eco-carpool and the possibility to recharge electric cars.

Summary of Gröna Skrapan’s key environmental benefits:
• Eco-friendly energy supply.
• Heat recovery.
• Airtight and well-insulated climate envelope.
• Window solutions with integrated solar protection.
• Green roof.  
• Efficient water usage and motion-activated lighting.
• Certified timber used throughout.
• Eco-carpool and power outlets for electric cars.
• Energy advice for tenants.