Partihallsförbindelsen Bridge

Sustainability and green

Relieving the pressure on Olskroksmotet/Gullbergsmotet, the E20 Riddaregatan and Gamlestadsvägen/Slakthusgatan reduces traffic jams that previously built up in these areas. The redistribution of traffic to the Partihallsförbindelsen Bridge has led to reduced emissions and a better environment for residents in the area.  The Swedish Transport Administration expects the volume of traffic on the Partihallsförbindelsen bridge to be about 30,000 vehicles per day by the year 2020. Traffic between the Olskroksmotet and Gullbergsmotet intersections is expected to decrease by a full 15 percent.

Better accessibility

For road-users, the Partihallsförbindelsen bridge will ensure better accessibility for traffic to and from Gothenburg and for through traffic.