Supplier Portal

Skanska Supplier Portal is only accessible for current suppliers to Skanska. If you want to be a supplier to Skanska, please contact nearest project office in your area. Skanska Supplier Portal is used for handling prequalification and handling orders from Skanska’s Business System.

Prequalified - the first step toward working together

A basic requirement at Skanska is that all our suppliers meet both legal requirements and basic Skanska requirements. To become prequalified, you need to have:

  • Approved prequalification – self-assessment implemented by you as a supplier
  • Approved tax status – controlled by Skanska
  • Approved credit assessment – controlled by Skanska

What happens next?

If you are prequalified with the status Green, you comply with legal requirements and Skanska's requirements. You are included in our supplier database, which means that you can be contacted by Skanska’s projects.

Note that there is no a guarantee that you will be contacted by us. You are welcome to contact our ongoing projects to offer your products and services.

Contact our Business Support if you have questions about the supplier portal or your pre-qualification.

Last updated: 1/12/2023