In addition to the Swedish Tax Agency's requirement for an invoice, Skanska has its own requirements for the invoice to be managed in our system. These requirements must be fulfilled in order for the invoice to be handled and paid.

Invoice requirements (PDF)  

Vi ask that you send your invoices electronically. You have two alternatives (described below).

E-invoice via file

Are you a recurring supplier and have a business system that is customized for electronic invoicing? Then EDI invoicing (e-invoice via file) is probably the best solution.

Register for EDI invoicing

BEAst Portal

Do you send less than 50 invoices per year to Skanska? Or maybe you don't have a business system customized for electronic invoicing? Then invoice via BEAst Portal is the solution. BEAst Portal is an industry-wide and free web service for invoicing.

BEAst portal manual (PDF)
BEAst Portal

Invoice via email – PDF/TIF

Skanska does not regard an emailed pdf file or tif file as an electronic invoice as these are handled in the same way as paper invoices.

Note! Only one pdf file or tif file per invoice and email.

Email the invoice to: Contact

Paper invoices

Skanska can in exceptional cases accept paper invoices, but we urge all our suppliers to choose an electronic alternative. Paper invoices sent to addresses other than the ones mentioned on this page will not be handled.

Last updated: 11/27/2023