A better business culture

Everyone at Skanska, including our suppliers, have a shared responsibility to create a healthy and ethical business culture. How we behave in our daily work determines how people in our company look at each other and how the world around us looks at Skanska.

Code of conduct for suppliers

In our industry and operations, we are part of collaborations and partnerships with many different participants. We want to work with people and companies who share our views and our values. Therefore, we have a Code of Conduct for suppliers. It is part of our agreement with external parties.

In addition to providing clear guidelines, the Code of Conduct for suppliers is also a good basis for discussion in our collaborations. In order to ensure that suppliers meet our requirements, we use pre-qualification and follow up on our requirements for ethics and work environment.

Code of conduct for the whole company

In addition to the Code of Conduct for suppliers, there is a Code of Conduct for the whole company. We want to take responsibility and create a healthy and ethical business culture. Skanska’s Code of Conduct is group-wide and applies in all countries where we operate. We do not tolerate corruption, thefts, offenses, anti-competitive activities, discrimination or harassment. The Code of Conduct has been developed to help us integrate our values and to show how we are expected to behave in our daily work.

The Code of Conduct contains guidelines for how we interact with each other, our customers, the communities in which we operate and other stakeholders.

Last updated: 7/3/2019