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We want to create a sustainable and secured supplier base. Skanska’s values and sustainability areas guide us and our suppliers in everything we do. Together we are thinking ahead to achieve our goals.

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A better business culture

Everyone at Skanska, including our suppliers, have a shared responsibility to create a healthy and ethical business culture. How we behave in our daily work determines how people in our company look at each other and how the world around us looks at Skanska.

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How to report a concern

We encourage everyone to speak up in the event of misconduct or suspicion of an ethical breach. It helps us to make Skanska a better workplace for everyone. Skanska tolerates no negative consequences or
retaliation against anyone who reports suspected violation against our Code of Conduct.

Here’s what to do if you have an ethical dilemma or suspect an ethical misconduct.

Contact Skanska Code of Conduct Hotline