ModernaHus concept, Stationsmästaren block

Sustainability and green

Sustainable and environmentally adapted construction processes are often high on property owners’ agendas. ModernaHus’s energy consumption is between 25 and 50-percent lower compared with the levels prescribed by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Construction Standards.

Environmental and sustainable development were key elements of the project of constructing the Stationsmästaren block. The residential building’s Nordic Ecolabel means that it has low energy consumption and environmental impact. Furthermore, it means that the building is constructed with the most environmentally friendly materials available on the market. Detailed operating and maintenance plans must also be in place that make it easy to ensure that the environmental impact of the building remains low in terms of energy consumption.

The Ecolabeled building was constructed under Skanska’s own ecolabel entitled “Green Workplace,” which means that the environmental ambitions are higher than Skanska’s standard requirements and the workplace has to meet a number of criteria. For example, at least 95 percent of waste must be reused or recycled, energy efficient lighting must be used and only Ecolabeled kitchen, hygiene and cleaning chemicals may be used.

However, it is not only during the construction process that a focus on sustainability is important. Once the building has been constructed, there are many climate-smart benefits that the residents can enjoy. For instance, Nordic Ecolabled buildings must be equipped with water saving toilets and taps, only energy labeled appliances are permitted and good ventilation is an essential feature. Each apartment also has individual meters so that the residents can have full control of and influence and reduce their energy consumption.