Sjöstadsporten, Hammarby Sjöstad

Sustainability and green

Sjöstadsporten is situated in Hammarby Sjöstad, which is known for its green profile. In Hammarby Sjöstad, the goal with respect to environmental impact is to be twice as good as other areas built in Stockholm in the early 1990s.

During construction of Sjöstadsporten, considerable emphasis was placed on the selection of construction materials and use of resources. We also based our work on Skanska’s Green Workplace certification system, which meant that we imposed strict environmental requirements during both the production and construction phases.

We constructed one of Stockholm’s largest solar power facilities on the roof of the shorter office building, which has the capacity to supply the property with up to 30 MWh of solar power. The shorter office building has been awarded GreenBuilding environmental certification. This means that the building’s energy consumption must be at least 25 percent shorter than the national standard.