Sjöstadsporten, Hammarby Sjöstad

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  • Sjöstadsporten
  • Sjöstadsporten

The gateway to Hammarby Sjöstad

The new Hammarby Sjöstad district located in southern Stockholm has expanded in recent years. When construction of the area is fully completed in 2017, the district will be able to accommodate slightly more than 30,000 residents. Developing a new district is an enormous undertaking and many players have been involved, including Skanska. One of our projects in the area is Sjöstadsporten, which with its angled sides and stylish architecture offers exciting premises and attractive apartments.

Skanska created and developed the combined residential and office project in 2007. The project comprised three parts – a residential property with 84 apartments, a 12-story office property spanning 6,000 square meters and a shorter office property comprising 7,500 square meters.

The office buildings are strategically located near the Södra Länken motorway and Hammarby Fabriksväg, while the residential property is situated behind the office premises, near a calmer part of the district. Combined with a nearby hotel, the taller of the two office buildings serves as a gateway to Hammarby Sjöstad from the east, known as Sjöstadsporten. The location of the office properties was carefully selected to enable to buildings to serve as a barrier against the heavily trafficked motorway and protect the residential property from the environmental and safety risks arising from the nearby traffic.

Skanska served as the general contractor for the project, which meant that the company was responsible for all aspects of the project – planning, materials, construction and subcontractors. Since the assignment comprised three projects to be completed at the same time, logistics presented the main challenge during the construction process. At most, some 200 people worked at the site and building cranes, material transportation and foundation machinery were crowded into the limited space. Structured coordination was thus of the utmost importance.

The Hammarby Sjöstad district is characterized by sustainability and concern for the environment. Accordingly, considerable focus was placed on choosing climate-smart building materials, energy and other use of resources during the construction of Sjöstadsporten. Skanska built one of Stockholm’s largest solar power facilities on the roof of the shorter office building.

The client for the residential project and 12-story building was Familjebostäder and the client for the shorter office property was Areim.