Tyfonen property block

  • Tyfonen property block

Meeting point for cultural and business communities

On the small island of Universitetsholmen in central Malmö, Skanska will construct the Tyfonen property block, a new and attractive meeting point for the city’s cultural and business communities.

The building is being constructed on one of Malmö’s most attractive sites on the island of Universitetsholmen. The location beside the water is fantastic and with its distinctive architectural features, the Tyfonen property block will be a new landmark in Malmö.

At present, office premises and the university dominate the area. Tyfonen will create life and movement in the area. Workplaces, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels and cultural activities will attract people to the area at all hours of the day.

The Tyfonen property block will be environmentally certified in accordance with the LEED international environmental rating system.

The project is scheduled to commence in 2014 and its inauguration is planned for 2016.


Last updated: 4/16/2019