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Meeting point for cultural and business communities

On the small island of Universitetsholmen in central Malmö, Skanska has constructed the Tyfonen property block, a new and attractive meeting point for the city’s cultural and business communities. The project started on April 1, 2014 and the inauguration took place in the fall of 2016.

The location beside the water is fantastic and with its distinctive architectural features, the Tyfonen property block is a new landmark in Malmö. The central station is a few blocks away. Next to the Tyfonen property block are Malmö University, the hotel and the congress facility Malmö Live, the incubator business MINC, restaurants, cafes and gyms.

The Tyfonen property block is 14 storeys high with office spaces on floor 9 and up. On floor 6 there is a public terrace and on floor 14 there is a sky bar with a terrace which has a fantastic view of Malmö and the water. In the building there are cafes, restaurants and other social areas that create life and movement around the clock. There is also a multifunctional space that makes the Tyfonen property block complete as a meeting place.

Timeless architecture and sustainable materials

We have focused on creating a building that is sustainable in the long-term. This involves all aspects from timeless architecture to sustainable materials and flexible layouts. Furthermore, the building must fit into a larger context; it should be a piece of the puzzle in a city district to be developed and brought to life.

A sustainable meeting place

The City of Malmö wants to focus on sustainability at several levels. In addition to using sustainable methods and materials in the construction of the building, the actual purpose of the building is important. The aim is to create a meeting place for people, culture and the business community, thereby also promoting the social sustainability aspect.

The building’s prime location also allows the visitors to travel there using sustainable means of transportation. The activities pursued in the building will attract visitors from throughout the region.

Tyfonen property block LEED certified

The Tyfonen property block is certified according to the international environmental system LEED level Platinum. It was awarded “LEED project of the year 2018” by Sweden Green Building Council. LEED is an internationally recognized environmental certification system that supports resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable construction.

A general assessment is made of the building’s environmental properties as part of an overall approach aimed at creating a sustainable building. Areas studied include how to reduce energy and water use, carbon emissions and hazardous waste.

Green Workplace

Green Workplace is Skanska’s own environmental rating system for construction sites. For the Tyfonen property block, this entails a higher degree of waste sorting, reduced energy consumption for lighting and heating and water-saving showers.

The location close to central station and other means of public transport enables visitors to travel to the building in an environmentally compatible manner. Bicycles and parking spaces with recharging facilities for electric cars are available for the tenants.