Miljonhemmet, Molde 1-2 block

Sustainability and green

Energy consumption in the Molde block has been drastically reduced, down 20-25%, due to Skanska’s renovation measures.

Skanska has initiated a thesis project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology with the task of determining how much energy the buildings are saving and whether there are other creative ways to save energy. We are always striving to do better. Obviously, our client, Svenska Bostäder, will share in the results.

Environment is important for Skanska even during the construction phase. During the construction project we source-separated the glass and wood from the windows and many other construction materials.

Recruiting individuals from the area helped us to maintain a smooth dialogue with the residents. They received clear information and were able to communicate their wishes.

New illumination and better placement of the bicycle rack has contributed to making the courtyard a safer place for residents. We hope that this renovated residential environment both inside and out will make residents proud of their area. Taking greater responsibility and improved safety will help to foster interaction among people.