Å district, Lomma Harbor, Lomma

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From industrial site to waterfront housing

At Lomma Harbor, Skanska is transforming an old industrial site by the sea into one of southern Sweden’s most attractive residential environments. Waterfront sites are much in demand in the expansive Östersund region – the location by the sea and the position halfway between Malmö and Lund is idyllic.

In 2009, the first resident moved into the Å district. The center featuring a library and other services is situated only a few hundred meters away, at the same time as the extremely picturesque location by the river is quiet and protected from harsh seaward winds. The last of the residences are expected to be ready for tenants to move in at the end of December 2013. Skanska is building a total of 113 apartments and 54 single-family homes.

Skanska’s link to the old industrial site stretches far back. In the past, the Group used it as a machinery depot and, before that, a brickworks stood on the site.

For those who grew up in Lomma, it has been a major change. The unsightly industrial buildings are now being replaced by attractive residential buildings with brick facing in bright shades of red, blue, copper or green.

The transformation of the old industrial site started in 2007 with comprehensive remediation work. We constructed roads and bridges, laid water and wastewater pipes and raised the ground level to protect the buildings against high tides.

The robust buildings are built of concrete and other heavy materials and we have introduced energy-efficient solutions that are kind on the environment and reduce energy costs for the residents.

“The apartments and houses are extremely beautiful, which I think was a particular source of pride for many who worked on the project. It’s fun to work with something that others know about,” according to Bo Hansson, Project Manager for Lomma Harbor.