Stadsbiblioteket, Stockholm

  • The Stockholm Public Library, Stadsbiblioteket, is currently undergoing a refurbishment, mainly to meet today's authority requirements regarding security and accessibility.
  • The chandelier from Orrefors was a gift at the inauguration in 1928. It is now cleaned and restored.
  • Visitors are welcome to the city library during the renovation, but have to accept scaffolding that stretches to the ceiling of the 24-meter-high rotunda.
  • The library has an impressive collection of approximately 400,000 books.
  • The rotunda is the library's central book hall. The room is almost completely symmetrical, measuring 26 meters in diameter.

Careful renovation

On behalf of the City of Stockholm, Skanska is renovating parts of the Stockholm Public Library (Stadsbiblioteket). The renovation is divided into three phases.

Stadsbiblioteket was designed by architect Gunnar Asplund and inaugurated in the spring of 1928. The building is classed as blue on a scale rating the cultural value of buildings. Blue means that the building has an "extremely high cultural-historical value" with great conservation value.

The library was renovated in the 80s, not much has been done since then.

Live up to today's regulatory requirements

Skanska's assignment includes renovations that ensure that the library meets today's authority requirements. Among other things, fire safety, accessibility and child safety are reviewed in the premises.

The project is divided into three phases, where phase one began in the fall of 2020 and was completed at the end of 2021. During all phases, the library is open to visitors, which is a big challenge.

Great respect for the building

The library's great conservation value means that everything must be done with great respect for the building. Among other things, only materials and working methods typical for the 1920s may be used. This entails careful preparations and renovation.

In order to live up to the high construction requirements, an antiquarian is involved, making sure that the building is renovated using methods and materials of the 20s.

Modern glass with an old look

An example of how we renovate Stadsbiblioteket in a respectful manner, is the glass panes in the entrance facing Odengatan. They were replaced in the 80s and did not have an appearance in line with the original materials. We have now created and installed a modern glass but with an old look with waves, typical for the time when the library was built.

The chandelier is restored

Phase two includes, among other things, cleaning and restoring the large chandelier in the 24-meter-high rotunda. To access the crown, a large scaffolding has been built. The lamp has been taken apart and cleaned by experts.

Waste management and reuse

Sustainability is very important to Skanska. At Stadsbiblioteket, we work with waste management and reuse of materials. Among other things, ceiling tiles from phase one have been reused instead of thrown away.

The renovation of Stadsbiblioteket is expected to be completed by the end of January 2023.