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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



As a part of Skanska´s ambition to be leading in eco-friendly construction we have taken the decision to use electronic invoicing. E-invoicing is an efficient and safe method of handling invoices and it minimizes the risk of errors.

There are two alternative ways of sending an invoice to Skanska:

  1. Online invoicing through e-Build.
  2. Invoice via our IT partner.

1. Online invoicing through e-Build

eBuild, the invoicing portal for the construction industry. Web-invoice is an easy to use service, free of charge. This billing method is addressed to:

  • Suppliers with smaller invoice volumes (1-250 invoices per year)
  • Suppliers without customized business systems

Currently 6 462 suppliers invoice Skanska via e-Build.

Start by creating a user account at e-Build. You can send your first electronic invoice to Skanska today.

Create a user account to send invoices online

2. Invoicing through our IT partner

Skanska provides the possibility of sending electronic files through our IT-partner. This billing method is addressed to:

  • Suppliers with greater invoice volumes per year.
  • Suppliers with an already customized business system.

Detailed information is available in our invoice specifications as well as company list. Please see documents in the right column.

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