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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



Start your career with us

Grow into the role of a manager, work abroad or specialize in a particular area. At Skanska, we invest in our employees and are happy to support their personal growth and career development. Skanska offers the opportunity to grow and to try something new – without the need for changing employers.

Why Skanska

Meet Skanska

We know that our future colleagues are among the students in Sweden. Accordingly, we are present at many of the labor market days organized in the country.

Career fairs

Upcoming fairs
March 5, KAD, Univeristy of Halmstad
April 10, Hotspot, University of Karlstad
October, Nackademiens arbetsmarknadsdag

Our student programs

Skanska 21

Skanska 21 is a student program for those studying for a Masters in Engineering and who are aiming for a career as a manager or specialist at Skanska.

Skanska 21

Skanska P³

Skanska P³ is a student program for those studying to be Graduate Engineers and who wish to work with production management.

Skanska P³

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