We conduct sustainable business together with our suppliers. This is important as suppliers are responsible for a large share of our costs and the value we deliver. Purchase prices are, of course, important, but it is the total cost that counts. Therefore, we look for the best deal in each purchase. We create a correct, secure and sustainable solution at the lowest total cost.

A secure supplier base
For a long time, we have worked actively to ensure that our suppliers comply with our demands and guidelines. Some of the ways we do this include prequalification, that they perform well within projects and that we together find continuous improvements through supplier development. Feel free to read more about how we work with Supplier Management and what it entails to be a supplier to Skanska.

See the requirements we have on you as a supplier

Lowest total cost
We choose the form of procurement that optimizes each individual contract on the basis of the project’s requirements, while supporting our long-term development. In some instances, we choose procurement in intense competition based on the lowest price. In other situations, it is best to choose a close collaboration with a long-term partner. Our supplier base exists all over the world.

When choosing a supplier, we use the existing category strategy. We have framework agreements for categories where we see economies of scale. These help to ensure a high minimum level with regard to security, profitability and sustainability for both the project and the business. Put simply, they facilitate the purchasing process and save time in the project.

For certain categories, we have purchasing specialists who can offer support in project procurement. Purchasing is conducted by people with the right expertise on the basis of our purchasing mandate and we choose suppliers that are prequalified in accordance with our requirements and guidelines. For important and complex purchasing, we create a cross-functional team comprising specialists in purchasing, project engineering, budgeting, technology and production. Together, we can then decide on the best solution for both the individual project and the entire business.