Project development

For us at Skanska, project development means the opportunity to invest in a better society. As a sustainable social developer, we finance, develop and produce sustainable projects. We create buildings, roads and facilities that together form new neighborhoods.

Malmö Live, Malmö, Sweden
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STUDIO, Malmö, Sweden
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Lobby, Sthlm New, Stockholm, Sweden
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Flemingsberg, Huddinge, Sweden
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Entré Lindhagen, Stockholm, Sweden
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Project development means that Skanska invests in, and is responsible for the entire process from idea and land purchase to finished project. Sometimes we do this on our own, sometimes with a partner. We bring together financing with knowledge of project planning and the construction process to create inspiring and sustainable projects. This is how we help our customers achieve success.

We manage complex projects thanks to over 130 years of experience and a business that covers all parts of the construction process. It is an enormous strength to have the right skills no matter the size of the challenge.

Everything for the urban project

Skanska offers all products in an urban development project. We invest in and develop offices, schools, housing, roads, bridges, hotels, logistic and retail premises, retirement homes and more. As we develop and build everything ourselves together with qualified subcontractors, the finished products always reach a high level of quality.

From vision to reality

Together with municipalities and county councils, we want to create a sustainable social development. We develop visions into reality by offering sustainable, functional and cost-effective solutions as well as financing models.

Sustainability and safety influence everything we do

Pioneering projects are created when experience is combined with great commitment and innovation. New sustainable solutions are always our goal. We take responsibility for meeting the societal challenges facing the world.

Safety and work environment are top priorities. We work safely or not at all. Our goal is injury-free and healthy workplaces. All our development projects are characterized by our work within sustainability and safety.

Last updated: 7/3/2019