How to send invoices to Skanska

We want our suppliers to get paid in time and safely. E-invoicing is a safer and faster way to handle invoices while caring about the environment.

You have two alternatives when you send your invoices electronically to Skanska:

Electronic invoice via file

You need to go through a few steps before you can use EDI invoicing. This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the form to register for EDI invoicing (invoicing via our IT partner).
    Register for invoicing via our IT partner
  2. We will send further instructions and the documents you need to fill out in order to be connected.
  3. You ensure that everything is set up with your VAN operator to send e-invoices to Skanska and that our form requirements and technical requirements are fulfilled.
  4. You receive a welcome email. Production setup takes place at our VAN operator with all Skanska companies marked for e-invoice in our list of companies.
  5. You are approved to send EDI invoices to Skanska from the production date.

Under the heading "Invoice Support" you will find a guide with information about how to send EDI invoices to Skanska.

Web invoice via BEAst Portal

The invoice portal ensures that the correct information is available; enabling us to quickly handle the invoice. Meanwhile you can see that we have received the invoice. It is possible to attach documents, for example original invoice and delivery notes. You can register your company and start invoicing today.
Go to the BEAst Invoice Portal

Paper invoices

Skanska can in exceptional cases accept paper invoices, but we urge all our suppliers to choose an electronic alternative. Paper invoices sent to addresses other than below will not be handled.

Invoicing address

For Skanska Sverige AB and another Skanska company:

190 87 Rosersberg

For invoices to Skanska Commercial Development, please contact Contact

Last updated: 7/3/2019