For a more sustainable future

The construction business is responsible for a great environmental and climate impact and it is important to build with more sustainable methods. We have decided to do what is necessary to reduce our environmental impact. Together with our customers, business partners and suppliers, we want to build in a more sustainable way for future generations.

Green construction

Green construction is the term we use to describe a more sustainable and future-oriented construction. Our vision is that what we build should come as close as possible to zero environmental impact.

For our suppliers, this means developing and using products and services with a low environmental impact, without hazardous chemicals and which can be recycled. We also need environmental documentation in the form of digital building materials declarations and environmental product declarations (EPDs) as well as materials assessed in the environmental assessment systems' databases and certified wood.

Our goal – climate neutrality

Building with lower climate impact and adapting construction to a changed climate is top priority for Skanska. We want to take our responsibility while developing the industry. For this reason, Skanska has set a high goal of achieving climate neutrality with a net zero contribution of climate emissions from a life cycle perspective.

Until 2020, the focus is on raising awareness among our suppliers in order to start converting to a climate-smart construction. We want to challenge our suppliers to set ambitious climate goals, develop EPDs on products and propose climate-smart solutions to our projects.

We include the entire value chain in our goal, from the manufacturing of materials to creating the conditions for our customers to run a climate-neutral operation, which makes us unique in the industry. We have already begun our journey; for example we have an increasing share of renewable fuels in our machines and vehicles. We build offices and housing with minimal climate impact in operation. We construct roads with reduced climate impact through material optimization and recycling.

Our asphalt and concrete products are manufactured through energy-optimized processes and biofuels. We are currently developing our first buildings with the ambition to become completely climate neutral.

Last updated: 7/3/2019