Construction Dictionary

There are many highly-trained engineers who struggle to enter the Swedish job market due to the language barrier. We see this unexploited potential as an opportunity. For this reason, we have created a construction dictionary with useful words and phrases in Swedish, English and Arabic. This dictionary will soon be expanded to include more languages.

The industry benefits

Distributing an industry-wide construction dictionary is one step towards ensuring that the construction industry can attract and recruit an ethnically diverse workforce. Ethnic diversity brings fresh perspectives and greater creativity to the workplace.  Exposure to diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds helps us to grow personally and professionally.  Diversity even develops us as a company and helps to build a better society.

We want this construction dictionary to facilitate better communication at work for all our new employees, but also for anyone else in the industry who would like to learn more about Swedish construction terms.

The construction dictionary is now available in a new format

In cooperation with the Swedish Construction Federation and Lingio, we have created a digital version of the construction dictionary that you can easily access on your smartphone. The new version makes it possible to use a free text search, and if you want to practice your Swedish pronunciation, you can hear the words read aloud. The new version will shortly be available in more languages. If you would like to print out the construction dictionary, a PDF version is available for download.

Download a PDF of the construction dictionary

Last updated: 9/9/2021