Bridges, roads and railways are some examples of what we do as a leader in construction and project development. Join us if you want to bring structures to life and build for a better society.

Realize your potential

We offer you the chance to be involved in a rich array of unique projects. From constructions shaping city skylines to bridges, roads, hospitals, homes and schools. You will build structures for society while developing your skills, broadening your experience and growing as a person.

Whether it is a hands-on role on-site; or design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), engineering, estimating or project support, there are plenty of possibilities for you to develop your career. Discover our projects and what we do in construction.

Asphalt coating worker

As an asphalt coating worker, you become part of a team that works closely together. Placing new asphalt on roads, bridges, tunnels and viaducts are examples of work tasks.

CAD/BIM planner

The CAD planner supports the structural engineers and architects with geometry studies during the design phase. When the CAD objects are supplemented with information, it is called BIM.

Calculation engineer

As a calculation engineer, you participate in tender work. You also create the conditions for safe workplaces, green solutions and profitability in our projects.

Concrete worker

The concrete worker plays an important role in the construction process. Work tasks include reinforcing, molding concrete structures, formwork and surface treatments.

Digital coach

As a digital coach, you help create more digitized ways of working. You make sure we optimize digital opportunities on projects.

Installation manager

As an installation manager, you design and coordinate installations, develop and implement complete installation solutions, and perform service on various projects.

Measurement technician

A measurement technician is involved in all stages. You interpret construction documents, control core network points and create models for launching and machine control.

Structural engineer

A structural engineer collaborates with the architect to design the optimal structural solution for each building. You create system and building documents that are handed over to the production team.

Partnering leader

Work long-term with developing business and customer relations. You are involved from tender to final delivery to ensure that customer expectations and needs are fulfilled.

Project planning leader

Your main responsibility is to lead and coordinate the project planning so that we reach the best solutions. You create important frameworks for the project.

Road and construction worker

The tasks of a road and construction worker are varied. You can work with anything from building parks, building foundations and laying pipes to expanding the road and rail network.


The supervisor is a key player in construction and leads the daily production. You are responsible for planning, leading and distributing the daily work for your team. Safety always comes first.


As a woodworker, you are involved in the construction process. You build wooden frames, including walls and ceilings. You can also work on making wooden molds for concrete.

Last updated: 7/3/2019