Career and development

Skanska is a large, international company. This gives you great opportunities to find a career that you enjoy and develop yourself professionally.

We want to see you develop. That is why we offer a number of tools for growth opportunities aimed at helping you to take the next step in your career, regardless of where you see yourself in the future. Do you have ambitions to become a manager? With us, you can try other positions within the same business unit. Would you prefer to specialize in an area that interests you or work in a completely different business unit? At Skanska there are many different jobs. You can try something new without changing company whether or not you are interested in climbing the career ladder.

Great opportunities for development

Skanska employees have annual development review discussions to talk about opportunities for growth.  This may involve a specific training or course, a position-specific program, mentorship or other development tools.

Focus on good leadership

A good manager creates an environment where employees can develop and be happy. This is why we invest so much in our leaders. Anyone who moves on to a senior position is offered leadership training at various levels. Leaders participate in mandatory managers’ weeks during which they receive up-to-date information in the latest developments in our strategy and Skanska leadership.

For our senior managers around the world there are a number of programs aimed at developing key expertise. One example is Skanska Top Executive Program, a global leadership development program run together with the renowned IMD Business School. Another example is Nordic+.


Very few other companies in Sweden have such a large range of internal training courses as we do. Our competence center offers close to a hundred courses that give employees the foundation for developing the right expertise in health and safety, leadership, building technology, calculations, purchasing, planning and a number of other important areas.

In addition to the courses you will be offered when you take on a new professional role, there are also extension and specialization courses. You and your manager will decide exactly what you should do in the annual development discussion.

Position-specific programs

Skanska offers a number of position-specific programs aimed at giving you uniform basic expertise in positions such as supervisor, production manager (site manager), project manager, production engineer or project engineer. These programs are geared towards employees investigating a potential new career path or those who have already decided on a new professional role. 

One example of a position-specific program is the production engineer program, which is geared towards recent college and university graduates that want an entry level position in the construction industry. This development program provides you with the basic knowledge you need in order to rapidly adapt to your new job as production engineer at Skanska.

International development opportunities

Skanska has been active outside Sweden since 1897 and the company is characterized by an international spirit. Our building sites and offices are home to employees from many different countries, all of whom learn from one another. As an employee at Skanska, you will also have the opportunity to work abroad.  Working abroad will give you a better understanding of Skanska and your role in an international company. International work exposure gives fresh perspectives and new approaches to business.

Skanska Unlimited

Skanska Unlimited is an exchange program with assignments lasting from three to six months. This program is available for salaried employees in all roles and of all ages who have been employed at Skanska for at least two years. During the program period, you will participate in a project somewhere in the world or within another business unit in Sweden.

Skanska Stretch

Skanska Stretch is a nomination program focusing on leadership which is followed by an international six-month assignment. The program provides participants with knowledge and tools useful for leadership in an international environment and facilitates knowledge exchange between business units in various countries. Apply for a job abroad We are active in large parts of Europe and the USA. Apply for a job in another country and gain unique life experience and professional development. 

Apply for a job abroad

We are active in large parts of Europe and the USA. Apply for a job in another country and gain unique life experience and professional development.  When you are homesick, you can head back to Sweden, along with all your new experiences.

Read more about international jobs www.skanska.com/career/

Last updated: 1/30/2023