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Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Nordic Ecolabel - Svanen

A building carrying the Nordic Ecolabel means that high environmental standards were achieved in all areas – from raw material to finished building. In Sweden, the Nordic Ecolabel is managed by Miljömärkning Sverige, on the instruction of the government. Buildings receive the Nordic Ecolabel in connection with their sale and approval is granted by an independent third party.

The criteria are subdivided into requirements related to:

  • Energy
  • Indoor environment
  • Materials
  • Operational instructions for residents
  • Quality in the construction process
  • Overriding requirements on the license holder.

Nordic Ecolabel Svanen

An Ecolabeled building has low energy consumption and guarantees that substances hazardous to the environment and health were not present in the construction materials used. The indoor environment is good thanks to the requirements placed on material, effective ventilation and the high quality of the construction process. Most of the criteria are mandatory, and a certain number of those rated must be achieved.

Encompasses several environmental aspects

The advantage of the Nordic Ecolabel is that it is a tool that can be used to manage a range of environmental aspects in a building to ensure that its environmental performance is at the forefront. The lower environmental impact is derived from the holistic approach that is taken. Even here, for example, the energy requirement leads to lower operational costs. The demands placed on quality and control during the construction process provide a sense of security and reduce the risk for the building owner.

Several measures are taken to avoid future problems with damp. Another advantage is that it is a very reputable environmental label that is easy to communicate and understand – even for private individuals. In turn, this means that housing with Nordic Ecolabel certification attracts buyers/tenants who value the environmental aspects.

The Nordic Ecolabel is best suited to concept or modular buildings due to, among other aspects, the documentation that is required, but one-off builds can also be labeled. Skanska’s Uniqhus concept building received the Nordic Ecolabel back in 2005. Since then, we have constructed nearly 200 single-family homes.

In addition to single-family homes, the Nordic Ecolabel will also encompass multi-family dwellings and preschools as of 2010. At Skanska, we were the first to Ecolabel multi-family dwellings with our ModernaHus concept in June 2010. Here, we have successfully managed to combine high environmental performance with a lower total cost and shorter construction period.

In 2005, Skanska was also the first in the industry to Ecolabel its single-family dwellings in the form of a building concept named Uniqhus. The building is energy-saving and has natural, sound and reusable construction materials and a healthy indoor climate.

Skanska takes a very positive view of our Nordic Ecolabeled buildings, which provide distinct added-value for the customer.