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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


New premises

At Skanska Commercial Development, our focus is to develop, manage and sell commercial properties. We manage the entire process – from concept to moving in. Our three principal products are offices, logistics and high-volume retail.

Whether it be an office premises, a logistics facility or a shopping center, the
geographic location of a premises is decisive. Our offices business is localized
to Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. We work with logistics and high-
volume retail throughout the country.

To be able to offer our customers the optimal premises, we are active
throughout the process, from the initial concept behind the creation of a
project to the completion of a building and its handover to property
management. We own and fund all of our projects and it is not unusual for it
to take between five and ten years to complete a major project.

Accumulated experience and know-how

During the production phase, we act as both developer and property owner.
Because we have implemented a large number of property projects, we have
accumulated the experience and know-how necessary to carry out profitable
and efficient projects. We always set high standards for areas including the
environment, quality and work health and safety.

We work continuously to offer our premises on the rental market and we
always ensure that we design our premises in close cooperation with the

The environment and sustainability play a central role in our business and,
over the years, we have developed a range of climate-smart solutions to
ensure that our properties will be as eco-friendly as possible. For example,
all of our commercial properties are certified in line with the LEED
environmental rating system.

We invest in land and new projects to be able to constantly offer our
customers new, attractive premises. We also sell some of our completed

Our operations produce:


Customers and employees prosper in the right office environment. We offer
modern and attractive workplaces in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.

High-volume retail

The right location for a store premises is an essential factor for all trade. We
have many attractive store locations, from individual store units to large sites
for retail parks.


The right location for a logistics facility is crucial for efficiency and profitability.
We identify and offer prime locations throughout Sweden.


Other commercial warehouses. Operations only in Gothenburg.