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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


New homes

At Skanska Residential Development, we create and develop new homes and residential areas that we market to private consumers. The needs of residents and consideration for the environment form the basis for the design and construction of our projects.

The creation of attractive new homes that satisfy the needs and dreams of
people comprises our core operations. In Sweden, our operations mainly
comprise Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and environs.

With our core expertise in planning, development and construction, we
create new housing areas from scratch. As a major company, we have the
opportunity to influence the design of an area, who it is intended for and
which neighborhood services should be available there when it has been

Focus on energy efficiency

However, the focus is not only on the residents, we also attach great
importance to the environment. Energy efficiency pervades every aspect of
our process – from design to production and follow-up. We build low-energy
buildings and passive buildings and, within the scope of the Uniqhus
concept, we have been building eco-labeled detached and terrace houses for
several years. Skanska is certified compliant with ISO 14001 and we always
use eco-friendly alternatives where possible.

The homes we build are energy-efficient, have low heating costs and high-
quality indoor air. Among other features, we install energy-efficient windows,
kitchen and bathroom white goods are of energy-efficiency class A or higher
and common areas are fitted with low-energy light bulbs and usually motion
detectors that control the lighting. The combined result of these measures
means that the energy consumption of our new houses is below the
requirements stipulated in building standards.

We also place great importance on the surroundings in the new area. For
example, we want to encourage residents to give up the comfort of their
cars and choose public transport instead.

Our approach

The concept phase

Before we purchase a piece of land, we already have an idea of the type of
area we wish to create. When we take ownership of the land, we evaluate
and plan the area. We analyze the target group and for whom the new
homes are intended.

Commencement of sales

We begin selling homes at least one year prior to the moving-in day, usually
several months before the commencement of construction.

Signing of contract and options

When customers have taken a decision, we sign the contract. Because the
customers enter the process at such an early stage, they can personally
select colors, materials and other options for their new home.

Moving in and service responsibilities

We maintain a presence, even after the building is completed and the
occupants have moved in, to handle any questions and problems that may