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Rejuvenating the bridges of New York City

Every day, more than a million people rely on the upgraded East River bridges to get to and from Manhattan. By car, train, walking or bicycling.

The East River bridges connect the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens boroughs of New York City and make the city what it is today.

These vital transportation links are aging. The four most well-known – the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, and Queensboro Bridge– have been in service for more than 100 years. They were all built between 1880 and 1909.

To New York City, a bridge closure would be an economic disaster. Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges each carry more than 130,000 vehicles on an average weekday. Queensboro Bridge is even busier with 180,000 vehicles daily.

Reconstruction programs

Under Federal and New York City programs, vast sums of money were allocated to reconstruct the older bridges. And after 9/11/2001, “Hardening Programs” were implemented to ensure the region’s bridges can withstand terror attacks.

Skanska has been a major participant in the reconstruction of these bridges since the early 1980s. The value of the most recent upgrading projects on the Triborough, Roosevelt Island, Queensboro, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges totals more than USD 2 billion.

Seismic retrofitting

This specialized bridge repair work includes a wide range of actions: structural reinforcement of towers, spans and trusses; decks and ramp replacement; cable and suspender rehabilitation; existing lead paint remediation and repainting; seismic retrofitting as well as electrical and mechanical upgrades.

New York City’s bridge owners require the reconstruction of these structures to occur with minimal impact to the traveling public, local residents and businesses. The mission is to deliver a rejuvenated bridge to users – and doing the job without disturbing traffic. This is accomplished through detailed planning, increase in night and weekend operations, and innovative construction methods. These constraints have developed into a partnership with the owners balancing substantial fines for delays and monetary rewards for early completions. To date Skanska has never been fined for delays but has collected substantial rewards.


Manhattan Bridge, New York, USA
Client: New York City Department of Transportation.
The third project at Manhattan Bridge since 2000 is for the replacement of 600 suspender cables and the four main cables will be re-wrapped.
Capacity: More than 130,000 vehicles per day
Year of completion: 2013 (originally built 1909)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
Client: New York City Department of Transportation
Capacity: More than 130,000 vehicles per day
Year of completion: 2015 (originally built 1883)
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01. The Under construction: The ongoing work on the Manhattan Bridge’s seven vehicle lanes.

02. At the foot of the Queensboro Bridge.

03. The East River bridges not only play a vital role in the lives of New Yorkers, they also frequently appear on movie screens all over the world. Here are are just a few of them: Arthur Hiller’s The Lonely Guy (1984), Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Gregg Campion’s The Cowboy Way (1994), Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995), Mikael Salomon’s Aftershock, Earthquake in New York (1999), Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005), Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend (2007), Tony Scott’s The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009).


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