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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.

What: Autostrada
Client: Gdańsk Transport Company
Area: Poland
Year of completion: 2011

Autostrada A1 in Poland

/Saving time and lives

Pole position as Poland gains momentum

The 150-kilometer four-lane stretch of Autostrada A1 makes a fast and safe link between the Baltic harbors in northern Poland and the central regions of the country. The new highway also connects to the Trans-European Transport Route, linking Gdansk to Vienna and Brno.

The road is a major contributor to Poland’s development and is a crucial link in the national infrastructure.

Improved accident statistics

The A1 also represents a major improvement in road safety. This was evident already after the first 25 kilometers were opened in December 2007, a year earlier than planned. The wide, straight A1 was a safer place than the old roads. The new highway also resulted in fewer accidents on nearby national roads thanks to reduced congestion. Road accidents were reduced by 20 percent.

A long term commitment

Poland’s national road administration assigned responsibility for development, financing, design, construction and maintenance of the A1 to Skanska and its partners, in a 35-year Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement starting in 2004.

Construction was conducted in phases between 2005 and 2011. The final 90 kilometers of the first phase were opened in 2008, and the remaining 60 kilometers to Torun were completed in 2011. Both phases were completed earlier than planned.

GTC (Gdansk Transport Company), co-owned by Skanska, will be responsible for operations and maintenance until 2039. GTC shareholder Intertoll will take care of cleaning, signage, snowplowing etc.

The road project was a huge mission in terms of the people involved. Skanska employed some 1,500 and a total of almost 4,500 people were engaged in the final phase. Many of the people employed on the project have remained with Skanska Poland, which is expanding its business across Poland.

The construction of the A1 also included a large number of viaducts, interchanges, connecting roads and ramps. A total of 137 new bridges were built along the A1, including two major bridges over the Wisla River. The longest is almost 2 km with a main span of 180 meters.

The contracts for the two construction phases totaled EUR 1.25 billion, of which Skanska’s share is 80 percent. Skanska's share in GTC, the owning company, is 30 percent, in partnership with John Laing Infrastructure, NDI Autostrada and Intertoll Infrastructure Developments.


Length: 150 km four lane highway a great number of viaducts, a total of 137 new bridges, including two major bridges over the Wisla River. The longest is nearly two kilometers with a main span of 180 meters.
Client: The Gdansk Transport Company (GTC) for the Poland Road Administration. Skanska has a 30 percent share of GTC and 80 percent of the construction contract totaling EUR 1.25 billion.
Year of completion: 2011
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01. The area surrounding the A1-projects is of special rural and historical value. Special care was taken to minimize pollution using screens and embankements. Photo: Kacper Kowalski/

02. The A1 replaced a 2-lane highway that was one of Poland’s most dangerous roads. The new road has made the route safer and faster.

03. The construction of the A1 also included tons of asphalt, a great number of viaducts, a total of 137 new bridges, including two major bridges over the Wisla River. The longest is nearly two kilometers with a main span of 180 meters.


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