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What: Building
Area: Washington D.C, USA

10th Street i Washington D.C.

/A green neighbor to the White House

The perfect US entrance

The planned project at 733 10th Street in downtown Washington D.C., just four blocks from the White House, was the perfect entrance for Skanska’s first development project in the US.

After the original developer lost its funding for the project with the 2008 market decline, Skanska was able to step in and provide the much needed dollars to make the project happen.

Although the First Congregational United Church of Christ devoted a lot of effort, prayers and people to the project, it was Skanska’s financing ability that finally made the difference.

The Church owned the site and retained ownership over the ground that the church would occupy with a new facility. Skanska acquired the air rights to develop and build modern, green and flexible office space.

Extremely good location

The site at 733 10th Street is extremely well located in the East End extension of the central business district. The building is adjacent to the Metro Center, the largest station in D.C., and Gallery Place subway stations, two central terminals that serve all five subway lines.

A shining cube

The Church occupies approximately 25,000 square feet, half of the ground floor and the entire second floor in the ten-story high, 171,171-square-foot (18,800 square-meters) shining cube. The building’s glazed exterior reflects the sky.

“We wanted a multi-purpose building that would include a new church that was accessible, beautiful, filled with light, expressing our values of environmental stewardship (Gold LEED certified) and meeting the contemporary needs of our congregation and neighbors in downtown D.C.,” says Meg Maguire, chair of First Church’s Site Development Task Force from the inception of the project some years ago.

Attracting tenants

The proximity to government offices and agencies raises the building’s attraction among tenants. Major portions of the building are leased to the National Association of Manufacturers and CMGRP Inc., a conglomeration of PR and lobby firms.

The top floor and half of the ninth floor are occupied by Sound Exchange – the sole entity in the United States to collect and distribute Internet digital performance royalties on behalf of recording artists and master rights owners. Half of the ground floor will be occupied by a restaurant.

The office floors will consist of an outer ring of column-free window line offices and conference rooms, with an inner ring of interior offices, meeting spaces and common spaces. The unique floor plan will maximize space efficiency and allow multiple corner offices with significant views of the downtown skyline.

The building will also include a two-story main lobby with a glass canopy and a 139-space parking garage below grade.

The building is Skanska Commercial Property Development USA’s first project in the United States, and it is built by Skanska USA Building.

The LEED Gold building offers a number of green features:

Energy: Estimated 14.5 percent reduction in annual energy costs. High-performance glass with low solar heat gain. Low-wattage parking garage lighting.

Green Roof: Storm water overflow reduction. Urban heat island prevention.

Construction waste: 75 percent or more of construction waste diverted from landfill. Reuse of salvaged items from previous building.

Indoor quality: CO2 sensors to regulate fresh outdoor air for optimized ventilation. Low limits for volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as adhe­sives, sealants, paints and coatings. The unique floor plan will maximize space efficiency.


Developer: Skanska Commercial Property Development USA
Height: 10 floors
Area: 18,800 sqm
Environmental rating: LEED Gold
Year of completion: 2012
Learn more at:


01. Opportunities to develop modern office space in a prime downtown location are few and far between. But that’s exactly what Skanska landed at 733 10th Street in downtown Washington DC.

02. The LEED Gold building offers a number of green features such as high-performance glass with low solar heat gain, low-wattage parking garage lighting, storm water overflow reduction, urban heat island prevention and CO2 sensors to regulate fresh outdoor air for optimized ventilation.


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