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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Working abroad

As an employee of Skanska you have the opportunity to work abroad. It gives you a chance to grow as a person and develop in your professional role. As you evolve, you also have a lot to give; Skanska’s global operations allows a large amount of skill exchange.

Regardless of whether you are a skilled worker or a staff worker, whether you have worked for a couple of years or are one of Skanska's veterans, you will be given the opportunity to work abroad. International exchanges are a positive experience, both for you as an individual and for Skanska. Additionally, a stay abroad represents a career advancement for many employees.

By working abroad, you get a better understanding of Skanska and your role in an international company. You get to know a new work environment, new approaches and new ideas. At the same time, you expand your network of contacts in the Skanska-world and get a greater understanding of other cultures.

International knowledge transfer

Skanska's large international operations also allows a huge exchange of expertise between the various business units. We have a lot to learn from each other and an international exchange program facilitates the transfer of knowledge.

One of our exchange program is called Skanska Unlimited. The program is open to all employees of all roles and ages, but you must have been employed for at least two years at Skanska. We also offer other ways avenues for those who want to work abroad.