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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Grow within Skanska

Skanska is a major international company. In Sweden, our operations are conducted within four business units: Construction, Commercial Development, Residential Development and Infrastructure Development. This offers Skanska’s employees great opportunities to develop and pursue their career within the company.

Skanska offers major opportunities for personal development. When you, as an employee, feel that you comfortable and growing, so does Skanska.

Career development

A career need not always resemble a ladder, but can appear in many different forms. You may choose to advance within a particular area to take on a managerial role or to work in a more specialized manner in order to develop in a specific area of interest to you.

At Skanska, there is a tremendous variety of jobs available and consequently, there are opportunities to try something new – without changing employers.

Capturing development requirements

A major assessment is carried out annually of all our managers and a number of key individuals from each business unit. The aim is to map individual development requirements, ensure that the right employees are in the right positions and to plan for future management needs.

The assessment will be increased in scope to cover and capture a higher number of Skanska’s internal talents. The results will then provide the basis for further professional development of individual employees based on their strengths and development needs.

Be one of our leaders

Skanska invests heavily in its managers and leaders. We hope that those who are interested in a managerial position at Skanska are individuals that share our values and possess the ability to develop our employees with respect for the individual, while focusing on results and business value.

Skanska Competence Center

The Skanska Competence Center exists, because Skanska places importance in competency development. The aim is for Skanska to have the best and most committed employees in each role.

The Skanska Competency Center conducts and develops training courses for employees at all levels, throughout the country. We develop the leadership skills of more than 700 of our managers annually. More than 500 of our employees are participating in one of our role-specific development programs and we offer training courses for our core competencies.

Working abroad

Regardless of whether you are a skilled worker or a staff worker, whether you have worked for a couple of years or are one of Skanska’s veterans, you will be given the opportunity to work abroad. International exchanges are a positive experience, both for you as an individual and for Skanska. Additionally, a stay abroad represents a career advancement for many employees.

Women’s network

BNW stands for Skanska’s Business Network for Women, which is a forum for professional development. All women who are employees of Skanska are welcome as members. As a BNW member, you will have access to a broad network of contacts within the company, inspiring network meetings and field trips, seminars with leading female role models in trade and industry, and the opportunity to influence and develop Skanska.