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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



Our employees have made Skanska the global and successful company that it is today. Together with our customers, our employees are our most important asset and consequently, we offer all of our employees a number of benefits. For example, everyone who has fixed employment is entitled to be a shareholder in the company with favorable terms and conditions. Compensation for parental leave and contribution to preventive healthcare are two other examples of the benefits available to all of Skanska’s employees.

Simple and favorable shareholding in Skanska

In 2008, we introduced the Skanska Employee Ownership Program, which is a share program for all permanent employees. The program was a success and currently, employees form the fifth largest shareholder group in the company.

The SEOP allows for all of our employees throughout the world to purchase shares of Skanska with ease. The program rewards employees in two different ways: by providing matching shares and by awarding performance shares based on the earnings of the business unit.

Compensation for parental leave

Skanska promotes gender equality and encourages both fathers and mothers to take parental leave. Compensation for parental leave means that we, as the employer, compensate for the difference between the salary and the payments of the Swedish Social Insurance Administration. Employees are entitled to 90 per cent of their regular salary for up to six months.

Contribution to preventive healthcare

Skanska places importance on health and preventive healthcare. The company as a whole functions better when our employees are healthy and feeling comfortable. All of Skanska’s employees are entitled to a budget for preventive healthcare of up to SEK 2,500 per year. In addition, Skanska has special agreements on prices at a number of training facilities throughout Sweden.

Staff card

As a Skanska employee, you will receive a staff card loaded with discount offers at various shops and companies. Discounts are available for everything from car rental and paint, to home electronics and hairdressers.

Excellent insurance coverage

Being a major company enables Skanska to negotiate for excellent insurance coverage for its employees. For example, we offer all our employees the opportunity to take out generous travel insurance coverage that covers their entire family.

A wealth of club activities

There are a considerable number of clubs within Skanska, through which employees can meet to participate in sports, attend cultural events and so forth. In addition to being fun, these provide opportunities for employees to develop their network within Skanska.