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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Production Engineer

Do you want to join our journey? We are looking to invest in newly graduated engineers If you have recently graduated and hold aMaster of Science or Bachelor of Science in Engineering  you could choose to start your career within production at Skanska as Production Engineer. As such you will be allocated a position in our development programme, the Production Engineer Programme, where you will begin your journey within Skanska together with other newly graduated engineers.

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Since you have graduated with an engineering degree from university or some other technical institute, we realise that you already have a comprehensive amount of theoretical knowledge. The aim of the Production Engineer Programme is to enhance your practical knowledge providing you with experience and from production. As a participant of the Skanska Production Engineer Programme, you will receive extensive work experience and a broad range of knowledge within calculations/tenders, planning, financial control, purchases in projects, production control and contract law. The Skanska Production Engineer Programme shortens your path to the next step in your career by gaining you  opportunities to find your preferred area of development within Skanska as well as providing you with a wide network within Skanska. In other words the programme provides you with a kick-start to your working career!

The Production Engineer Programme in brief:

  • Newly graduated, newly employed holders of a Master of Science in Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree who choose a position of employment within production at Skanska.
  • The programme commences into six months’ employment.
  • You quickly gain comprehensive practical experience from production.
  • Six training modules and seven network meetings during 18 months.
  • During the network meetings you will network with other newly graduated engineers at Skanska.

If you are interested in working within production at Skanska and thus being part of our training programme for newly graduated engineers, please be on the lookout for vacant ads aimed at production engineers, superintendents for project engineers. Register your details in our CV database by clicking on the link below. Once you have registered your profile you will then be able to reuse that profile to apply for interesting positions at Skanska.

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