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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



Working in Production at Skanska entails continuous development. No two projects are alike and you will constantly be faced with new challenges. You will also contribute to the creation of something enduring that will be of benefit for generations to come.

As a staff worker in Production, you will manage a variety of projects. These may entail anything from minor projects, such as the renovation of an office, to enormous projects, such as the construction of the Öresund Bridge. Project durations may vary considerably – from one month up to several years. As part of a work team, you will create something lasting together that will probably be of use for many generations to come. When the project is completed, you will move on to new challenges.

Job assignments

As a staff worker in Production, you will supervise skilled workers and subcontractors while working closely with our customers and suppliers. You will also have close contact with our specialists and support functions, such as quality and environmental supervisors, design engineers and procurers. For larger projects, these project roles may also be based onsite.

Skanska’s core operations: Projects

Projects form the core of Skanska’s business operations and every year, we implement some 3,000 construction and civil engineering projects. Our worksites can be found from Gällivare in the north, to Trelleborg in the south. You will have the opportunity to work with building, road and infrastructure projects. In addition, we have a more production-oriented and industrialized operation, through which you can work with the manufacture and laying of asphalt, or the production of concrete, or on worksites where we are contracted by the Swedish Transport Administration to maintain the Swedish road network.

Commonly occurring professional roles in Production

The commonly occurring roles of a staff worker in Production are: supervisor, project engineer and production manager. Skilled-worker roles include woodworkers, pavers and concreters.